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Grab your favourite bag, pack the pooch, a few Ace of Spades and a caberat of dancing disco entertainment.  You are about to jet off to work and avoid the 8am rush hour!  Forget the usual hassle of traffic lights of your partner stopping to pick up a 4-pack on the way to the office because the SMO Private Jet has it all.  

**Reluctant sale owing to current visa restrictions in Asia Pacific**

• Crew:2
• Crusing speed:882 kmh
• Max range:3135 km
• Max take off weight:10433 kg (23001 lbs) incl. full jacuzzi and bar.
• Exterior height:5 m (16 ft)
• Exterior length:16 m (52 ft)
• Capacity:7
• Residing: HKIA (since dec 2021)
• Other services on board: Lavatory, Streetfighter II Arcade, karaoke, and gymnasium.

• Wing span:16 m (52 ft) might need an extension to the garage.


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